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One of the marvelous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way we couldn't as individuals.

~Jean Vanier

As part of our mission The Liberty School offers several community
outreach programs for the betterment of our community.

Dyslexia Screenings

For a limited time only, dyslexia screenings are half-price, costing only $50, thanks to a generous donation from the Durango Rotary Club! Call the school at 970-385-4834 to schedule your screening now! 


The purpose of a dyslexia screening is to identify if a student is at risk for dyslexia. It does not give a formal diagnosis. The data derived from a dyslexia screening can be used to determine if a student would benefit from a comprehensive evaluation known as a psychological educational evaluation. This type of evaluation and a dyslexia diagnosis can only be given by a professional in the field such as an educational psychologist.


What To Expect

During the initial visit, the student will work with our dyslexia screener, Tracy Brothers. The student is given approximately five assessments to determine the child's language and processing strengths and weaknesses. 


The entire process takes about one hour. 


At the end of the testing session, an additional appointment is made with the parents only to allow for a review of the screening report and to discuss recommendations of "what to do next?" The followup appointment is included in the initial $100 cost of the Dyslexia Screening. 

Scoptopic Sensitivity
Scotopic Sensitivity Screenings

Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome is a neurological condition (not a learning disability) caused by the brain and/or eye incorrectly processing/interpreting what the eye is seeing. The condition is also known as Irlen Syndrome, named after Helen Irlen, who in the early 1980s discovered that some people with poor reading showed a marked and immediate improvement by overlaying the pages of text with a colored semi-transparent plastic sheet. Some estimates suggest that, to varying degrees, up to 12% of the population may experience these visual disturbances. For more information and the symptoms experienced by those afflicted with Scotopic Sensitivity you can visit the Irlen Institute Website. If you are interested in a Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome screening, please contact Pam Savage via email at to find out when our next screening session will be.

scotopic glasses.png
Orton-Gillingham Language Training

Twice a year, our very own MJ Bilgrav offers an intensive 40–hour Orton-Gillingham (OG) Training class. The OG Approach is a scientifically researched-based language instruction. It is multi-sensory,  structured,  sequential, cumulative, cognitive and flexible. Its breadth, perspective, and flexibility prompt use of the term approach instead of method or program. Learning the OG approach provides in-depth knowledge on how to use any phonic-based program more effectively.

The OG approach is appropriate for teaching individuals, small groups, and in classrooms with typical readers and readers with learning differences. This class is designed specifically for reading specialists, special-ed teachers, kindergarten, primary, elementary classroom teacher, private tutors, and parents.

This class cost is $550 and a continuing education certificate is provided. For more information on our next Orton-Gillingham Language Training Class please contact us at 970-385-4834.

OG Training
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