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"The Liberty School is a place of exciting discovery; a place where children are taught in ways that ensure success; a place where each child feels safe, valued and confident; a place for students to reach their fullest potentialacademically, emotionally and creatively." 

~Joyce Bilgrave, Liberty School Founder


Our Mission

To provide individualized, dynamic education for dyslexic,
academically gifted, and twice-exceptional (both dyslexic and gifted) students.


Our History

In 2007, concerned Durango Mountain Camp parents approached co-founder, Joyce Bilgrave, a nationally recognized expert on dyslexia, seeking guidance, reassurance, hope, and a brighter future for their children. Joyce having founded several dyslexia schools and camps across the country agreed to open a school recognizing the need for a full-time, specialized dyslexia curriculum in the Four Corners Region. Thus, The Liberty School was born and Joyce opened its doors to 12 eager students. 

From 2007 to 2015, the Liberty School location had transitioned a total of four times and was about to be displaced once again by a new charter school that needed its space. So in the spring of 2016, a permanent home was sought out. Within three years of the vision to acquire an everlasting location, a gorgeous, wooded, 9-acre parcel located on Junction Creek in Durango was donated by a benevolent donor. Then in 2016 through 2018 the daunting feat of raising $1.2 million in donations and acquiring a $1.6 million loan was miraculously accomplished. In August 2018, Liberty opened its newly built campus offering students and staff an inviting and warm facility featuring three classrooms, ten one-on-one tutoring rooms, and a large multi-purpose room for gym and other activities. The newly built campus also features plenty of open space, a stream, and trails that serve as an outdoor classroom where the students can breathe in fresh air, learn, and have fun. 

Our History
Our Mission
Our Culture

Our Culture

An inclusive school culture is a vital part of our mission, as many of our students enroll at Liberty after having experienced frustration, failure, and a loss of self-confidence in more traditional school settings. The Liberty School creates a culture of community and support in the following ways:

  • Weekly morning meetings provide opportunities to teach all students about The Liberty Way, a student-created summary of the school's values.

  • The staff regularly models the value of risk-taking and learning from mistakes.

  • Hugs are encouraged when appropriate.

  • Staff are trained to support the unique social and emotional needs of dyslexic and gifted students.

  • Periodic trips are offered to the Four Corners Rehabilitation Center to visit and participate in activities with the patients.

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Our Values

The Liberty Way

-In the words of our kids-

We are family.

We respect ourselves and others.

We don’t leave people out.

We take care of each other in and out of class.

We don’t make fun of each other’s challenges.

We don’t brag about what we can do.

We have manners and are nice to each other.

We live by the Golden Rule.

Our Values
Our Team
Our Board

Our Board of Trustees

Our Board of Directors includes diverse professionals, community volunteers, and Liberty School parents who take an active role in leading and supporting the school with expertise, financial resources, and gifts of time. We are proud to have this group of dedicated individuals in our corner. These passionate folks are a source of guidance as they help determine the policies which govern our school and aid us in maintaining our financial stability. Click on any of the photos to learn about our board members.

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