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Reignite the Fire in YOUR Unique Learner!
It's Different Here!

The Liberty School is one of a kind, a place where students rediscover a love of learning and a belief in themselves that withered in traditional classrooms. At Liberty, we are family, and the transformations that occur in our students are profound. When a new student enrolls at Liberty, our first priority is to establish a sense of trust. We want our students to know that at Liberty, surrounded by peers with similar challenges and teachers who understand how to support students with learning differences, school is a safe place to be yourself. Our students need to know that it’s not only okay to make mistakes at Liberty, it’s celebrated, mistakes help us learn, grow, and develop resilience.


New students quickly find that Liberty feels very different from the schools to which they may be accustomed. There is no need to hide, pretend, or feel ashamed. It is when this mindset is achieved that real progress can be made, and a true love of learning can be reignited.

We are a nationally accredited, independent school that serves approximately 30 students with learning differences in grades 1-8. We empower our dyslexic and gifted students (2e) to become confident and competent learners who are able to advocate for their own success.

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Visit Us!

Please give us a call to schedule a tour of our stunning, 9-acre campus featuring our new facility that was erected in 2018. Distinctive features include one-on-one instructional rooms for language remediation; natural lighting and circulated air to enhance learning; space to showcase our visual and performing arts classes; and effective school security to guarantee student safety.


Our campus is situated on a one-of-a-kind property like no other in the Southwest featuring an outdoor space with an abundance of woods and a rippling creek that serves as our outdoor classroom whenever possible. The Liberty School is truly a place where learning comes alive–inside and outside!


We are located at 3107 Western Avenue in Durango, Colorado. 

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