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Dear Community,

Across the table from me I see the teary-eyed parents of a ten-year old boy. They are desperate to find help for their son who works twice as hard as his classmates, but falls farther and farther behind with every passing year. Instead of developing into a confident, capable young boy, their bright son comes home each day more distraught and dispirited. He is dyslexic, and because his mind processes language differently, he needs to be taught differently. 


As Head of The Liberty School, I take great pride in being able to tell families like these “We can help.” Even just a few weeks after enrolling their child at Liberty, tears of joy and relief flow as parents share with me how their son or daughter loves school again, how their child’s personality has returned, or how they feel like part of a new family. To witness profound transformations like these in young children brings genuine meaning and true purpose to my life, and I feel lucky to be part of this special, highly dedicated community.


Founded by renowned dyslexic educator, Joyce Bilgrave, Liberty is built from the ground up to reignite our students’ love of learning, and empower them to realize their full potential. It is with Joyce’s dauntless spirit and vision in mind that Liberty strives to establish our first permanent facility on nine beautiful acres of donated property. With a place to finally call home, we can impact the lives of even more families, and serve as a model school and resource for dyslexic and gifted education for the entire region. This is an exciting time for our growing school!  


At Liberty, our doors are always open, and we’re happy to chat with you anytime.




Christian Holmen

Head of School

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