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2014 Film Festival

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2014 Film Festival


Watch the films created, edited and produced by our middle school students and presented at the 2014 Film Festival.

The Uprising was voted at the Best Film at the 2014 Film Festival.  Created by Taylor, CG, and Chris A., this film shows three unruly preteen boys as they begin taking over the world by sabotaging their parents, teachers, and even the local news man.  One of the boys develops a conscience and misses his mommy’s cookies and tucking him in bed at night. He decides maybe adults aren’t so bad and aids in adults retaking the world.  This film has it all: great editing, story, music and humor!

Ghost Guys was voted as the Best Comedy at the 2014 Film Festival and was the masterpiece created by Andrew and Dermarr.  The plot focuses on a senior ghost teaching the ins and outs of being a ghost to a new apprentice ghost.  This film will have you laughing through gritted teeth for sure!

Water and Wisdom was voted as the Best Screenplay Film at the 2014 Film Festival.  Melissa, Saige, Cody, and Rainey are the creative minds behind this film as an evil queen tries to take over all of Crete in an attempt to win the attention of Hades.  Two girls engage the aid of a mighty ninja and are joined by the queen’s right hand lady to defeat the evil queen and save Crete!  This film included an in depth plot with great detail!

Time Warp was created by Sam A. and Milo and was voted as Best Edited Film.  Two young boys wage war against mass amounts of vampires.  The boys learn to work together as they take on this insurmountable feat and right when it gets really bad… Oh, it’s just a dream!  However, the boys learned a great lesson on how to use their ability against bullies.



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